Business reality:

70% of business strategies fail to deliver.

Let us help your business beat the odds.

Frontira supports:

The journey from strategic vision to excellence in implementation can be challenging. We have worked with the best to shape competitive business strategies and to ensure that they are integrated down to the granular operational level.

Experienced partners:

Strategy & Implementation Guides

Frontira Strategy & Implementation Guide


  • Design processes to scale successful learnings across the organization.
  • Implement performance metrics and KPIs to measure effectiveness.
  • Continuously refine strategies and tactics based on data and feedback.


  • Create and lead workshops that harness the collective intelligence of participants.
  • Ensure sessions are focused, inclusive, and outcome-driven.
  • Promote a culture of continuous learning and information sharing.


  • Offer regular, constructive feedback to enhance individual performance.
  • Foster a culture of mentorship and continuous talent development.
  • Establish a train-the-trainer program to scale learnings and development.
Roadmap to delivering results:

The 4 basecamps of the path from base to summit

Basecamp 1:
49% of companies fail to align on strategy at the top.
This results in a disconnect between strategic plans and day to day operations.
We work with leadership teams to bridge the gap and fully align on strategic priorities.
Basecamp 2:
Communicating your company’s strategy and vision internally is more crucial than ever
Our approach transforms complex strategies into clear, compelling, engaging narratives that resonate across all levels of your organisation.
Basecamp 3:
Once a strategy is in place on paper. does not mean that it will get done.
We work with business units to translate vision into committed goals, deliverables and ways of working.
Basecamp 4:
Traction is where the rubber meets the road with the flawless execution of promised deliverables.
We work hands on with teams on the ground to delivering the promised results.
Business areas in which we help our clients to excel:

Transforming strategy into results

We guide leading companies from strategy to implementation in the area of customer growth.

A1 Group
We guided the corporate strategy development and implementation of the largest Telco group in CEE and helped them to turn “Empowering Digital Life” into action and become a more modern, agile organisation.
Shaping and implementing a strategy of transformation from selling SIM cards to creating digital products and services
  • With the group leadership team shaped the company strategy
  • Launched the 1st agile team as a prototype for a new way of working 
  • Worked with key leaders to scale agile ways of working and approaching customer needs across multiple business units 
  • Worked with group HR to shape more powerful EVP that stemmed from the business strategy 
  • Continue to work with A1 on strategy implementation for HR, ESG strategic pillars
A1 Logo
Evening View on Viennaby Jacek Dylag
#Business strategy

#Core pillars implementation

#Agile transformation

#Business transformation

#Culture change

#KPI’s and metrics 
Alpha Bank Logo
Alpha Bank Greece
We guided the corporate strategy development and implementation of Alpha Bank (2nd largest bank in Greece) to become leader in customer experience and transform into a customer centric culture.
Implementation of  a core strategic pillar, customer centric culture
  • Designed and deployed a department from scratch including people, roles, personal KPI’s, ways of working, job descriptions
  • Defined key metrics and processes for delivering CX across the organisation
  • Implemented a company wide program to promote customer centricity as a daily activity
  • Created and launched a leadership program to support CX and senior management get closer to customers and their needs (seeing leaders in action was critical in making the organisation see that strategy was fully supported  
The White Andre Benz
#CX strategy
#CX function design

#Process design

#Culture change
Vodafone shifted their strategy from one of connectivity and selling SIM cards to a focus on digital digitalisation and technology. We guided the company in translating the new customer value proposition into action across all customer facing activities; products, services, customer experience and communication.
Integration of a new strategy into all aspects of customer value creation
  • Customer segment prioritisation and redefinition
  • Innovation roadmap for incremental and disruptive innovation
  • Design and optimisation of E2E customer journeys
  • Launch of a game chaining loyalty program
  • Omni channel customer experience
  • Brand and communication strategy
Vodafone Logo
view of gray building near body of waterby Keszthelyi Timi
#Strategy integration

#Customer segment growth


#Service design

#Customer experience 
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